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Fast Real Estate Signs offers high-quality commercial real estate signs in alumacore, plywood and corrugated plastic.

We offer a wide range of sizes and premium options on all our signs. Customize our professionally designed sign templates or upload your own custom design. Need help ordering? Call us at 1-877-841-8388 or Email Us.

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Alumacore signs are made by sandwiching corrugated plastic between two strips of aluminum. Alumacore signs are made for outdoor use but are also very lightweight for easy transportation to your commercial property site.

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Our correx (also called corrugated plastic) for commercial properties are made from the same material our yard signs are. Digitally printed on fluted plastic, the signs can be used outdoors and are the cheapest large format sign we offer.

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Made from durable wood, these signs are great for long exposures to the outdoors and harsh environments. To create the signs, we first sand and paint the wood with high quality exterior enamel paint, then digitally print your design.

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